Understanding e-Commerce imports & exploiting export potential – 2016

Report published November 2016

The new edition of this study, created in collaboration with Switzerland Global Enterprise, examines all aspects regarding consumers’ relationship with the internet, with a special focus on their attitudes and behaviour when purchasing products and services online. The methodology applied during the study ensures that the reality of e-Commerce is accurately represented in each market area.
Specifically, the analysis focuses on Switzerland’s e-Commerce potential and provides a fundamental contribution to understanding the value the country can bring to the international market. The report reveals that Switzerland has a reputation for high quality products, reliability, and efficient logistics and payment security.What is coined as the “Swiss e-Commerce factor” is now measured in 5 different European countries – Germany, UK, Italy, France and Spain – and in 5 markets outside Europe: China (Shanghai), Korea, USA (New York), Russia (Moscov and St. Petersbourg), and Japan (Tokyo).

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