Understanding cross-border data to exploit Swiss e-export potential – 2017

Report published November 2017

The new edition of this study, created in collaboration with Switzerland Global Enterprise, and sponsored by Swiss Post and Elmec Suisse, examines all aspects regarding consumers’ relationship with the internet, with a special focus on their attitudes and behaviour when purchasing products and services online. The methodology applied during the study ensures that the reality of e-Commerce is accurately represented in each market area.
Starting from the experience of the past editions, today the analysis of 2017 enables the introduction of CEFI  – Country e-Commerce Factor Index developed by Contactlab as unique indicator of country potential for cross-border e-Commerce. On the base of CEFI, it’s now possible to show the ranking of Switzerland in the cross-border e-Commerce arena, among the countries taken into account for the study, in and outside Europe (the main 5 European countries – Germany, UK, Italy, France and Spain – and some strategical extra-European market areas: Shanghai for China, New York for US, Moscow and St. Petersburg for Russia, South Korea and Tokyo for Japan).
Indeed, CEFI is a very useful indez for monitoring the evolution of cross-border e-Commerce, as it’s calculated considering the consumers’ evaluations on country image and attractiveness in case of cross-border online shopping.Particularly regarding Switzerland, the CEFI shows the huge e-Commerce potential besides the internal market that is limited by demographical nature.
Under this new perspective, in this new edition of the study the estimation of the export potential of Switzerland via e-Commerce is updated and analyzed following the trends of the last two years.

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