Digital Behavior 2020

Report published May 2020

Switzerland has excellent internet infrastructure. Official data from the Federal Statistical Office is showing that 95% of Swiss households have access to broadband internet. Further, the official data 76% of Swiss consumers older than 15 years have been buying online at least once in 2019. Our study highlights that the main categories of online shopping are fashion and accessories (61%), cosmetics and personal care (46%), travel (45%), home furniture and household products (45%) and print media and books (43%).

Our report further highlights that:

  • Swiss consumers are rather intensive internet users with 26% of our sample declaring to be online for more 2 hours on an average day.
  • Young adults are showing rather a low spending with average expenditures ranging between CHF 26 and 50 per online purchase. At the same time, consumers aged between 46 and 55 and women are showing rather a high spending exceeding CHF 150 per order.
  • e-Commerce subscription programs are used by around 30% of the sample with food and cosmetics and beauty as the best-represented e-Commerce sectors. The main users are young adults (25-35 y.o.).
  • The main barriers to subscription programs are that consumers prefer to keep control over their purchases and that they are afraid of receiving more products than they would actually need.
  • Social networks are mainly used for searching for information, communication, and staying connected with old acquaintances.
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